How to Save Money When Replacing Your Home Carpet

Let’s talk about the five ways to save money when buying carpet for your home. It’s all quite obvious, but often ignored.

1. Rip Out Your Old Carpets Yourself

First way is going to be rip out your own carpet because if you let them do it, they’re gonna charge about 50$ per room. So if you’ve got four rooms, you’re gonna end up paying around 200 bucks before they even start. Just rip it out and take it up to the dump yourself and save yourself 200$.

2. Move Your Own Furniture

Move your own furniture because you’re gonna be charged another fifty dollars per room, so you’re saving another 200 bucks right there. Already saved 400 bucks just getting the rooms prepared for them to arrive.

It can be difficult to know what to do with all the furniture whilst the carpet is being fitted, I suggest getting as much as possible into one room in a logical order, and slowly move it back as rooms as carpeted and the fitters move onto the next.

3. Buy From A Local Dealer

Buy from a local dealer rather than a big store such as Home Depot, because local dealers want your business, they need your business. It’s mom and pop type shops that you’re going to get a better deal at as you’re going to be able to negotiate a little bit better.

A lot of three thousand dollar deals, you could probably go in there and say hey I’d like it for 2,500 bucks Also make sure you get three quotes, it’s almost a it like you do when you’re hiring a contractor.

4. Don’t Buy The Most Expensive Carpet

Another way to save money is don’t buy the most expensive carpet. You know someone says, I want to get the most expensive carpet because I want it to last for 20 years, wall block styles change people change. If anyone remembers hunter green and dusty rose, don’t buy the most expensive because chances are the style is going to change and you’re going to change.

You’re gonna pay a lot of money for the best, you can get something like seventy five percent mid road with a great underlay that is going to do as good, and you can save a thousand bucks right off the bat.

5. Don’t Try Fitting Your Own Carpet

If you’re a handy DIY’er, you might think you can follow a How To Fit a Carpet guide and do it yourself, I really don’t recommend this. It only takes one wrong measurement and you could find yourself cutting a $1000 carpet in the wrong place and rendering it useless.

Find a small, local company by searching online for something like ‘Carpet Fitters Newcastle‘, browse a few businesses and get them to come out for a free home consultation and quote you for fitting.

I hope this helps you save some money when you take the step and decide to replace the carpets in your home.